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Useful VS Code Extensions for Web Development

Visual studio code offers a wide range of extensions. Here I am listing down some top VS Code extensions for web development.

i) Prettier – Code formatter

This extension performs the formatting of the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code.

ii) Path Intellisense

This extension makes the development time faster by autocompleting file names.

iii) Live Server

Live Server extension provides the live preview of your web application right within the editor.

iv) ESLint

ESLint is the linting utility for JavaScript. It checks your code for common errors and lets you know in the editor itself. It’s like a virtual peer who is validating your code while you are writing it.

v) Auto Close Tag

This extension automatically adds the closing tag of HTML and XML.

vi) CSS Peek

As its name suggests, this extension lets you jump to the CSS code using classes and IDs.

vii) Project Manager

The Project Manager has been a savior to manage multiple projects in VS code.

viii) GitLens

With GitLens, you can view code authorship, check commit number, view changes between the last commit and existing changes, and so on.

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