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Discussion on: The Rules Of Work.

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jrogers8835 • Edited

Great write up! A few things I'd add from my experience...

1) don't disregard ideas because of who presents them either. I've seen many times perfectly good ideas be squashed (by the whole team!) just because the team had negative feelings for the person proposing the idea.

2) if you see a delay coming, ensuring you are building the bare minimum, functional solution first, and adding to that allows you to go to your client/ project manager/ product owner with "we can't give you everything by but we can give you this much by then and the rest is projected for " instead of "sorry it's just not ready" this is almost always better recieved.

3) we have begun giving a green, yellow, red status for every ticket in our iteration during stand up. This allows us to identify potential delays early (even for unstarted tickets) so that resources can be reprioritized or conversation of expectation can be had sooner (also something clients/ project managers/ product owners really appreciate)

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Rus Kuzmin Author

Really good take on the solutions to the problems above. ❤️x100