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Discussion on: Who uses TypeScript, and what is your opinion of it?

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Jonathan Apodaca

For my toy language that I am working on, I am implementing the compiler in TypeScript and loving it. I use it for all (target==JavaScript && type==library) projects. As long as they are self-contained, I prefer to have as much type-checking/hinting than work with pure JS (and that's saying a lot because I love JS). It begins to show problems in apps, though, if you have to plug it in to and have to have it work with lots of other tools. So, if type==app, TS is a no-go for me, anymore.

Also, last time I tried to install custom definition files for libraries that did not come with any, I was met with great inconsistency in the docs, or what the docs said plainly did not work. I have not tried for a while so perhaps things have changed since then, but I feel this is one glaring area of immaturity. Also, since TS is gradually typed by default, and has to operate as a bolt-on to the untyped nature of JS, this introduces some quirks. The integration in VSCode is stellar, and JS developers working in VSCode reap many benefits that TS has laid the groundwork for (IntelliSense in JS files that utilize TS libs).

Yep, there are quirks, but overall I am a pleased user!

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