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WebAssembly is gaining more traction lately, and with it in particular running Rust in Node.JS and in the browser. Pretty exciting stuff


Web Assembly will support a lot more features as time passes!

Threads! Garbage collection! DOM bindings! And so on.


Can't wasm-pack for Rust already generate DOM bindings?

Yes, sorta, but it shouldn't be possible, technically. I guess it's actually JavaScript that does the manipulation and it's exposed to the WASM part. I don't know the details...

Currently it's a JS lib that does the actual DOM manipulation and then communicates back to the WASM lib iirc. Not all that performant since you've got marshaling between JS and WASM in both directions for every call, but it's possible.

The DOM integration would provide direct native access to the DOM from your WASM binary. It's the one feature I'm waiting on before I really dive into it.

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