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re: I tried to switch to Dvorak a while back, but ultimately abandoned the attempt, as it was VERY difficult to unlearn qwerty. (I went for straight Dv...

I had an attempt prior to 2017 that I also gave up on so don't feel bad.

One concern I had was when I need to pair program or work on friend/family computers.

No one can use my computer but I can get by using theirs. I'm very slow on QWERTY but I use it so little that I don't care to keep that speed up. Some people do both but I am not one.

I also do a bit of gaming and do not relish the idea of remapping keys in every game.

I found this to not really be an issue. Once you remap them they are remapped for the life of the installation.

Dvorak actually did the research to come up with a keyboard layout that is designed for humans

That's what resonated with me too. But if Dvorak is not your style you may want to try out Colemak.

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