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I'm not really sure what the point of this article is. I feel like I see a lot of people taking shots at front end, and I don't think there are any better solutions than what we've been doing. Backend sits on top of tech that hasn't really changed in who knows how long. Meanwhile front end has had to grow to support all kinds of new UI/UX's.

Frontend is dreaming up new easier ways of doing things. That causes a lot of churn. Yes a big problem is backward compatibility. I can tell you now that web components, while great, still aren't the solution to the constant learning that we must do. There are lots of problems with web components that have yet to be solved. Styling is a sore point for one. For two you're still using a library to develop web components. Polymer had 3 major versions with big breakages between 1 and 2. Ultimately Polymer was superceded by lit-element. There are also a number of other competing libraries. And to top it off web components only solve the component aspect. They don't manage state, handle routing, work as services, do form stuff, etc. All things that frameworks would still be useful for in a world where web components are king.

There are lots of questions we have to answer on the front end and the consequences of those choices extend into areas we had no idea they could. You could have a negative outlook on the whole thing or you could stand back and marvel at the fact that we've done some impressive as hell work over the years. There's still more work to be done, and we'll get it done.


The point was me to share my thoughts and ideas. That's what blog posts are for.


Fair enough. Apologies if that came off harsh.

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