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Discussion on: 5 Tips for Successful Remote Work

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James Schleigher

Thanks for the wonderful article!
this is my first time working from home and I love the flexibility of it
Here are a few tips that I followed:

  1. Do not work in your bedroom. Often I find myself sleeping instead of working when I'm in the bedroom. I recommend you move somewhere that has a desk, good lighting, and no bed.
  2. Set a schedule. This is very important. You should keep a clear schedule to track your progress. My colleagues and I use Quire to collaborate on our projects. This helps us assign individual tasks to different people and also check if the progress is going well. It also has reminders so that we can know clearly when the deadline is. Having a todo list app is easier than writing things down on pen and paper.
  3. Start work the same time you would normally enter the office. This helps you maintain your original routine, and also stop you from slacking off.
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Tuomo Kankaanpää Author

Thanks James!

Great tips! I also think it is important to try to keep the same routines as you would when working from the office.