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Discussion on: 26 Miraculous VS Code Tools for JavaScript Developers in 2019

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jsmanifest Author

This is awesome! I will promote this in my upcoming post!

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dataPixy 🧚‍♂️

Thaks mate! That would be great since I am still in a heavy v1.x dev solo mode and not gonna get to posting about it for another week or so.

Feel free to reuse my Usage scenarios section from docs or any notes and pics from releases I've been pushing:

I am still behind on docs, but I've tried to be thorough regarding what Data Preview 🈸 does and how it interprets different data formats.

Tag on me on Twitter if you decide to include it in your next vscode ext's post. It's also where I keep my daily devLog for that ext:

Btw, I loved your prior post on vscode shortcuts. I've been using code since it first came out and there were some shortcuts you listed I was not aware of.