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I started following DEV on social media before I knew what it actually was. I'll probably mostly be a reader (as I am on social media), but this does look like a great and fun place to get into discussions and begin writing posts.

As for what I do, I currently work within the WordPress realm. The most recent things I've started learning include Vue and React (to see which I like better), and Laravel more recently. I do still have a ways to go in learning to work with SPA-type projects, but it's been fun so far.

I was also learning MeteorJS for a while, though I haven't yet found a specific need for it -- as fun as it is to work with.


I guess I should mention which I like better of the 2 front-end frameworks.

I'm leaning towards Vue currently, but I do see what makes React attractive to other devs -- specifically, being able to keep logic and markup together for a lot of different purposes.

Coming from the "no mixing HTML and JS" side of things, it's been a little a bit hard to adjust to mixing the 2 (even if JSX isn't really JS + HTML), but I'm at least more open to it now.

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