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Thanks for doing this AMA. For seemingly everyday there is a new framework or library. What kind of path would you recommend for someone wanting to be in the javascript arena, ie, learn JS first then move on and if so, how much JS should you learn before continuing onto frameworks. Thanks.


I mean honestly I'd poke around at all of them and ask questions on twitter and around your entire life. See who will be your mentors or willing to help, what is the easiest or most comfortable, or what you get most excited about, and go from there.

Some people say only learn vanilla JS. That's a great idea but I will also say it's not that bad to just learn a framework and JS along the way. The most gratifying and satisfying way to learn something new, at least for me, is to see immediate results. That is why using Ember-CLI after 2 weeks of JS was the best way for me to get stoked on staying on the JS path.

I literally would say just get on a framework while learning JS. It does not hurt.

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