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Discussion on: Should I switch to linux OS?

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There are three main reasons to switch to Linux, in my opinion:

1) Development environment that is closer to the deployment environment. You'll potentially avoid a lot of pitfalls and "well it worked on my machine" surprises.
2) Tools are often, but not always, better supported. Many tools were made and supported by Linux or Mac (also unix based) users, with Windows support being a bit... shakier.
3) You'll know how to use Linux.

Points 1 and 2 are neatly solved by the Windows Subsystem For Linux or tools like Vagrant (a tool to easily spin up virtual machines for development work).

If things like the Adobe suite are an important part of your process, you'd be better served by checking out WSL as @jrock2004 suggests.

If you're not having any problems with Windows, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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Mihail Malo

Surprising things that I found to be inferior on Windows compared to their Linux versions:

  • Chrome/chromium browser
  • VS Code
  • General UX like configuration menus and obtaining programs
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VSCode is better on Linux than on Windows? That IS surprising!