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I can only answer for myself, but...

Would you consider there to be a particular 'rite of passage' that a developer should meet before they are not immediately considered a Junior?

Maybe having broken the production environment and taken ownership of that fact? It's going to happen eventually, so it might make a good rite of passage!

As an interviewer, would you disqualify a developer who opted not to include Junior/Mid-Level/Senior in their own self-qualification, or would you interview them and come to your own conclusion?

I would definitely want to talk to them either way. If they replied to the job posting, I assume they felt qualified!

do you think I am false-advertising myself?

Not at all. I feel like junior/mid-level/senior labels vary so much from place to place, anyway. If you honestly list your skills and accomplishments, people can draw their own conclusions from there.

Congrats on hitting the year mark. :)


Well, I have DEFINITELY broken production. I even deleted a production application once. Thankfully we got it restored from backup before the Sales team noticed their orders wouldn't go through. :)

Thanks for your insight, that makes me feel more sure about my decision!

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