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Web Component Frameworks

1) Commonalities
All the four frameworks use JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Also they have similar file structures and directories. Angular and StencilJS both use typescript while VueJS and React do not.

2) What is duplicate / overlapping?

  1. package.json file
  2. All have a source directory

3) The easiest DX (Developer eXperience) to get going
In my opinion, VueJS has the easiest developer experience. The file structure is the most simple among the four frameworks and it's very easy to understand. And you only need to know very simple JavaScript to create functional applications.

4) If starting to build an "app" tomorrow, which would you prefer and why?
I would choose the VueJS framework. Because it's the most easy to get going with the simplest file structure. There are also a lot of resources and tutorials for the VueJS framework and a big developer community.

Group repo:

My React repo:

React tutorial:

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