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Markdown is not good for that task, it does not have official spec,
theres a page that GitHub put to document their own incompatible implementation, and most implementations are not based on it,
most implementations outthere are different and implement half the format.

ResTructuredText (AKA RST), does have an official spec,
very detailed and technical, is more expressive than MarkDown,
some parsers have very Draconian errors, but thats not RSTs fault,
and the extra stuff is implemented as Directives, that also are documented.

ODT (AKA LibreOffice Document) is an ISO Standard and has Official Spec, so is a good candidate, is XML and verbose as hell but can be pretty-printed.

JSON pretty-printed is also very good, maybe combined with some RST formatting.

Latex is also good alternative, has official spec, but not ISO standard tho,
if you use CTAN stuff (like the standard library of Latex), it will render,
it will be the only that lets you write some math and science stuff.

I hope when they finish and stabilize WebAssembly to push it into an ISO standard.

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