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Discussion on: Is It Time For Kubernetes Yet?

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Juan Diego Palomino • Edited on

Another great article, and the links where very informative. I tend to agree with the arguments, but we must make a critical distinction between 2 types of audience: those who are currently revenue generating enterprises and those who are not (e.g. new companies with no products yet). For the former, the cost of K8s adoption is at least twice that of the latter as they will need to maintain both the old system, and the new, and solve the migration problem. The latter also has it far easier in that they can make many more mistakes without big monetary consequences and will not face resistance to change.

As such, I heavily advise that nouveau startup audience to start with K8s and containerization now, with the fortune of learning while young and fast, and save themselves an expensive multi-year drama (as all the sources above say it will be). The initial setup may take considerable time (and again, another shameless plug I work with Nočnica at Runx and this is literally the main problem we try to solve with Opta) but I promise it gets way easier afterwards-- K8s, especially managed K8s like EKS, GKE, or AKS is very stable.

For more mature enterprises, yes I agree you need to make a careful consideration but you should not let "later" become "never". There will always be other high priority initiatives and it's very easy for one with such an abstract concept to be de-prioritized.