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Discussion on: Making an impact

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Juan F Gonzalez

Hey @dzhavat

What a great post! You're right, this type of things are not easily measurable and that's why many people don't think they're important cuz they don't give immediate, tangible results.

It reminds me of something I heard from Simon Sinek once and is that people don't find some jobs fulfilling because they think they're not making "enough impact". And he's like "If you want to create short-term big impact go up a building and then throw yourself out of it and the floor will certainly feel the impact you make" 😅

100% agree with your idea that one cannot make a positive change in the world unless the person has taken the time to make those changes inside first. It's that intrinsic motivation that has to propel us forward and keep diligently practicing so we can become better at it every time and it's much better if we're helping others do the same for themselves.

Thanks for sharing!

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Dzhavat Ushev Author

Hey Juan,

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.