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Discussion on: The true prototypial nature beneath "JavaScript classes"

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Juan F Gonzalez

Thank you

This right here is, I think, my biggest pet-peeve with Angular and Typescript in general. We don't need new or class or super or any of that OOP stuff, JS is already a quite expressive and flexible language when used right.

Sadly, most people (myself included) come from a backend background. And some don't even try to learn & understand the language in the way it is.

Instead, they bring all the old customs and ways of thinking of languages like Java & C# and complain that JS is "weird" and "difficult to learn"

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calvintwr Author • Edited on

One of my perspectives spot on. There's the counter argument that some of these new, class or super helps to reduce code errors. Yes to a certain extent, but code that is difficult to read can lead to errors too, for one can make mistake if one is unable to fully understand. Ultimately whether plain old object literal/object.create syntax or ES6 classes, the idea is to write things simply.

And yes, I think Angular is sometimes over engineered.