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How to Boot Raspberry Pi 4 From a USB SSD HDD

A Raspberry Pi is such a useful device so why don't give it more power by making it boot from an SSD instead of the default SD card?
Raspberry Pi Desktop is the recommended OS for this tutorial. Visit the link to learn how to Setting up your Raspberry Pi

  1. Connect to Raspberry Pi over SSH
    Default username is pi & password is: raspberry

    ssh pi@YOUR_RPI_IP
  2. Update OS and firmware

    sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade
    sudo rpi-update
  3. Reboot Raspberry Pi

    sudo reboot
  4. How to Update EEPROM on Raspberry Pi 4 For USB Boot...

    Install latest bootloader

    sudo rpi-eeprom-update -d -a
  5. Launch this tool for final configurations

    sudo raspi-config
        advance options > boot order > USB
        advance options > bootloader Version > E1 - last version ROM
        display options > Resolution > MODE 82 - 16:9
  6. Reboot Raspberry Pi

    sudo reboot
  7. Copy SD to USB or SSD

    1. Connect to Pi using HDMI or VNC

      • Enable VNC in the Pi

        Interface menu > VNC > enable. Using the code below:

        sudo raspi-config
    2. Go to Menu > accessories > SD card copy.

    3. From SD (dev/mmcblk) to SSD

    sudo reboot
  8. Once it Finish, Turn off the pi

    remove the SD and boot from SSD

    sudo poweroff

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