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Equality in tech looks like…

Equality in tech looks like... a utopia. But I see changes and initiatives that are turning into reality. Every day groups and women technological communities here in Brazil are creating movements, breaking barriers and taking knowledge to several women around the country. I did not see the importance of this until I felt how lonely the technological world is for women in a technology event for example. I felt lonely. But today, I participate as a volunteer in two initiatives here in Brazil: the group Fatech Girls and the community Elas Programam. Both with the objective of bringing technology to girls and women. To help in the first job or to teach a programming language. I actively contribute with arts, texts and encouragement for women of all ages. I'm not alone anymore

I’m an expert at…

Front-End. Actually I graduated in Technique in Informatics in 2016 and in the course I learned VB.Net, Java, MySQL, systems analysis, javaScript, HTML5, CSS, Android, Object Oriented Programming... A lot of things. But I feel like I'm kind of behind in JAVA, for example. Since then I work with Front-End focusing on Web Design which is my passion. And currently I'm studying Python! All this knowledge was necessary for me because today I am the creator and scientific disseminator of the Exoplanet Mission project, which aims to disseminate astronomy to society. So I created a desktop application with Electron with information about astrophysics. 💜💜💜

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

Don't judge. Just listen. Create opportunities. Be welcoming.

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