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Discussion on: How Do You Take Notes?

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Allan Jacquet-Cretides • Edited on

You totally right about trying to not copy-paste and to rewrite it ourselves.

On last October, someone mentioned Digital garden and Zettelkasten keywords in a comment.

That just blow my mind and change my life.
It takes me some time doing research, and trying things but finally, I have the system that fit me totally and that's precisely based on the fact that you should not copy and paste information but rewrite it with your own words.

Really, if you never heard about Zettelkasten, you should really take a look into it.

I had been a long journey to have my own implementation that fit my needs and my personal tastes, but finally I've got it (vim/markdown/git/gocryptfs).

If interested don't hesitate to ask questions, I could have some notes I could share to you on this πŸ˜…

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Ashley Author

Omg! Thank you for mentioning this! I can’t wait to check them out! 😁