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Discussion on: Logging done right, makes your life bright!

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Junaid Atique

Nice article. I am using loggly to handle logs. It gives the functionality to log on different levels plus distributing modules wise. Another thing I use is to mention the function name along with module. Loggly provide nice searching through the logs.
My only suggestion is to log only required parameters. I used to log complete objects which was disastrous.

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Gajanan H Author

Thanks. Loggly seems interesting. Not sure how easy it will be to get it working with our system. I will give it a try.
We have name of the function from which the log is generated for every line of log. That is a very helpful piece of information.
The last point is kinda debatable. If you are accepting objects as arguments to your API, it is better to dump all the input arguments in the log (probably with 'Debug' level). In other cases, Yes, you should log only the parameters you need to debug.