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I'm 27 y/o. Zero work experience in tech. Knows basic web design/HTML/CSS. Any tips on how to get employed in tech?


Kabayan! Hello! :)

I had zero work experience when i started as well. All i worked on were personal hobby projects of mine. (no OJT/Internship)

The best advise i can give you is just believe in yourself and put yourself out there.don't be afraid to apply to jobs that you think are "new" to you. When im taking a look at on-boarding junior devs into the team, I personally dont look at experience, because at some point, that's going to be irrelevant. Commitment and perseverance. are what I look for.

Create passion projects, and put your heart and soul into them. showcase them to your potential employers. Don't be afraid to try things outside of your comfort zone.

Never stop learning, keep that fire in you that says i want to know more about this or that. And just put 110% into this craft and if you really want it, you'll get there. im sure.

Goodluck bro, keep in touch, and update me. Im sure youre going to get it.

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