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re: How The DEV Community transformed my Career ? VIEW POST


Hi, Saeed.
You've been writing a lot of amazing content on DEV, and as you mentioned getting views is the only thing that will motivate you to write more.
My Story is a little different from you, as I started posting on DEV because twitter's word limit was too short to talk. I posted my first article and then it got me 165 reactions and on the same day I got a call from a Startup to work with them, and now I have 12000+ followers in the last 5 months and.

Different Perspective of the story
I'm from Pakistan myself but I'm from a much smaller city "Sukkur", and It's almost impossible to network there and I'm 15 yrs old so people thinks that I'm just a kid. DEV is amazing for me, cause I want to talk to new people and listen to them and put my thoughts somewhere.

BTW, You're a champion.


Thank you so much Aashir. I am much humbled and appreciation from you means a lot to me.

I have been following you since a while and you have been a Champ! You have also been advocating the tech for good, which is amazing.

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