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I too discovered my ADHD rather late in life. I have a strong tendency to let my mind wander in 15 directions at once. I'll bounce from topic to topic, do some internet searches, then read a few blogs and suddenly it's 3 hours later and I haven't written a single line of code.

For me, a few things have helped:

  1. For starters, I had to accept who I was and corrective measures I must take. There's nothing "wrong" with me, just a couple extra steps I need to take to stay on task. This is a BIG step but, an important one.

  2. I started using apps that focus concentration. For Mac and iOS, there's an app called Brainwave Studio. tip: I ditch the hokey music and just use the repetitive sounds and/or the binaural tones. Another app that I started using recently is called Vitamin R, which enforces the Pomodoro Technique. (Sorry, I don't know of Windows/Linux equivalents.)

  3. Sleep. I too have struggled for years with getting quality sleep. I tried some prescription meds but felt they we just too much. I started trying various over-the-counter brands until I singled out one that works best for me. I have found that some brands - even though they may have the SAME ingredients - work better for me. Trial and error. And oh yeah, sleep really helps with the depression too. A lot.

  4. I started taking a walk before work. A couple miles works best for me. Just long enough to feel like I'm getting away with something, and long enough to let my brain re-index before working. When I do this, I find I spend less time reading the news or whatever to start me day.

Anyway - good on you for recognizing the symptoms and taking steps for self care! Just like the airlines tell you, put on your mask before you try to help anyone else. The same goes for mental care.

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Kasey Speakman Author

Thanks for those tips.

Everyone's ADHD is different. For me routines like sleep and going for a walk/run (and getting up early to do so) or using an app do not work because I cannot do them consistently. I have often tried to take something to let me sleep, but when my mind has locked onto something my hyperfocus easily overcomes the medication and keeps me awake. And if I take something strong enough to knock me out, I am basically useless the next day from being groggy. So I haven't quite found that combination that works for me. But I am really happy that you have!