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re: Should I use GitHub pages for my blog instead of WordPress? VIEW POST

re: Sb who dreams about coding but has only mastered drag and drop!

lol I knew what you meant. I kind of have a problem these days generalizing "WordPress people" and more so when people frown and say, "oh you use WordPress?"

I am very grateful for WP as a starting ground in learning to code and program websites about 10 years ago and am a contributor and defender of it today.

Some proud non-wordpress devs are not aware of the huge environment of mixed technologies in a WordPress site which WP theme developers like me use at a core level to build things things like drag and drop features and themes that can be plugged in for example.

I'm not sure I've heard yet of a clear way to lable the two types of WordPress devs short and destinctly.

"WordPresser" doesn't sound that bad now since as an advanced WP developer I wouldn't call myself that.

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