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Discussion on: Why I Deleted My IDE; and How It Changed My Life For the Better

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Justyn Clark • Edited

Meh...lame . Once you graduate to JetBrains you never go back.

PhpStorm and PyCharm are 💯🔥

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Paweł Świątkowski

Meh... Used JetBrains (Rubymine) for about 3 years. Then moved to Atom, then to Spacemacs and coding was never better than now.

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Luiz Eduardo Carneiro

PhpStorm and WebStorm happy daily user here, and I also converted some teammates!

When I do C# coding, ReShaper is my third hand along with VStudio.

When playing with Android coding, Eclipse is really a piece of crap, but then I moved to AndroidStudio and my world went to heaven!

JetBrains FTW.

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Leesa Ward

Haha, pretty much what I was going to say - "Have to use too many different IDEs, it's too much effort" Mate, just spring for a JetBrains licence... ;)