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If you really want to learn to use Linux, I would use Arch Linux.


  • Best Wiki in the world.
  • After installing Arch (with the help of said wiki), you are already pretty good in using the terminal
  • Newest Software, I hate when i have to somehow install a deb if no new version is in the repo on ubuntu/debian
  • From my experience, despite being bleeding edge, I had more problems upgrading Ubuntu than just having Arch
  • you can find everything in the AUR. Every software available for linux is most likely in the AUR, no manual building from source needed


  • Takes some time to step through the installation guide
  • You have to decide how you want your Linux to look like

I personally recommend the gnome desktop with (at least) dash-to-dock. For pretty icons you can install numix-circle.


And there's Antergos - Arch with GUI installer. I'm using it.


Im definitely going to try Arch, but maybe just not now. I'm kinda new in this field (I only have like 2 years coding and computer science) so maybe I will start with something a little bit more easy and like windows-users friendly idk. But I really appreciate your opinion man! Thanks!

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