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Discussion on: Your website sucks! And I'll tell you why (ROUND 2) ⚡️⚡️

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Twan Mulder Author

Thanks for sharing Jake!
I've got 2 things:

1. Width of blog container

The advised amount of characters on a single line is about 65-85 characters.
Currently, it's a little too wide, especially on a larget screen.
I'd advise using the CSS "ch" unit, its support is pretty good

2. Recent blog posts on homepage

When viewing your most recent blog posts, there's no way to reach all your blog posts. I'd add a CTA directing to all your posts, just like in the navigation, with some text like "View all posts" or "Read more"

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Jake Varness

Ah, yes, I shoulda known. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely take it into consideration