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re: Hi, I did check out Dart and was blown away how well designed it was! Now, my concern is, if I start messing with Flutter, I'll run into many probl...

Choosing to use a hybrid app platform can be a tough decision, especially with how many choices developers have now adays: Cordova, Ionic, NativeScript, React Native, Flutter... The list goes on and on.

There are going to be pros and cons with all of these options if you compare them to true native apps: managing 2 sources vs 1 (which, if you're lucky, won't turn into 3), the amount of support you can get, the tools and libraries available to you, etc.

Here are some perspectives from individuals who have used these frameworks professionally:

A good comparison of hybrid app frameworks:

Very instructive. Now I'm even more sold on using "boring", established technologies, no matter how bland they seem.

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