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Discussion on: Server Sent Events are still not production ready after a decade. A lesson for me, a warning for you!

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John Peters

OMG Mike, what an excellent discovery! If the design requires sockets then it's most likely for speed (direct peer to peer), right?. I'm wondering what something like RabbitMQ would have done in this situation?

Thank you for this Long Polling tip.

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Mike Talbot Author

Hey John, we are using Bull and moving to Rabbit on the back end and indeed that's what gives us the ability to easily rewind events on a reconnect. In this case I think it's either sockets - but I just hate the amount of code we have to write around, or the long polling - which is basically now working- had to do the reconnect stuff ourselves but that is easier given just how simple long polling is compared to sockets. Performance seems to be holding up, but this is a live situation haha! Not done full scalability on it yet...