Discussion on: Managing Imposter Syndrome

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John Peters

At some point in our career, perhaps even weekly; when we are learning new things, there is a sick feeling of "I don't know this, I'm tired of constant learning, Everybody but me knows this, I feel dumb...etc."

Part of the reason is that technical (leaders?) whiz people are not good teachers, they are many times; impatient, lack people skills, and due to the pressure of Agile, leave us in the dust.

Realize also, that there's a ton of egotists in our trade. It's not supposed to happen but is front-and-center in our industry.

The constant change of the latest best practice, best way, best framework, best tool, best thing since chewing gum is ultimately disheartening as we at sometime have to choose to learn it or not.

The best logical way to allocate time, is to avoid getting obsessed with the latest fad. Reason? Many latest greatest projects die fast deaths.

Don't waste time on unproved things.

Follow the StackOverflow surveys and focus on just one or two languages, a CSS tool, and 1 other elective for your first 6 months.

Once the sea-legs are there, then continue to hone the deep skills for those things you are involved.

Today the top techs are.

-React and Angular
-Javascript and Typescript
-And C# or Java

While the feelings of inadequacy are real and the arrogance of IT shops persist, be committed to your plan an let the chaff blow away. If you get let go, let it be your motivator for the next thing and stay focused!

The best skill we can have is that we know how to learn, and that we WILL get it.

Don't let anyone fool us, it takes about 1 year to become a SME.