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re: They are not wrong. Server config: 14 physical cores, 28 logical cores (HT), 32 GB RAM. techempower.com/benchmarks/#sectio... The Node.js plainte...

Excellent information Ken. Looks like I have some major 2020 studying to do.

Thanks for the links @n-stefan. Good to know they are using clustering.

I still think something is not optimally configured in the node case though. I could believe a 2-3 times improvement, but 8 times still makes me very suspicious. Benchmark results are notorious for being sketchy or having one configuration optimal and another sub-optimal.

It would be interesting to see the number of requests that each node instance handled to make sure the distribution is fair. The fact that there were 89 errors makes me think that perhaps the distribution was not even, and so some requests errored out.

It would also be interesting to set cluster.schedulingPolicy = cluster.SCHED_RR; mode to see if that helps.

A comparison against PM2 or StrongLoop would also be good to see (might try this out if I have some time in the next few weeks).

The difference is smaller in the 5 other tests.

You could open a PR, if it's good, they will probably accept it. I'm also interested in having Node.js (and all others for that matter) run at its (their) true potential, unhindered by bad configuration and the like.

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