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Its true that devloping a full blown web app is easy.

But you must already know all the parts

Probably 2 or more languages
Two or three frameworks,
HTTP layer programming (get, posts, delete, updates),
Devops pipelines,
A build server,
A dev server,
The prod server.
The web server,
The db server,
Network infrastructure,
Register Domain Name,
Learn about DNS and DHCP
Router config to ISP

Oh wait, you also want what?

FTP ability?
TCP/IP 6 support?
TLS 1.2 implementation?
Signed and Obfuscated code?
XML to Rest conversion?
HTTP2 implementation?
You want WebSockets?
AWS instead of Azure, or perhaps Google?
You want Mongo instead of SQL?
Google, FaceBook, Azure and AWS autentication?
A web page that does everything Excel does?
You want the website to do the same thing as QuickBooks?

Sounds like a cloud solution..so...
Pick right cloud provider,
Learn their ways to do all the items above (6 months minimum).

But wait

We have some other more important items to do first.

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