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I've seen it, you've seen it, we all will see that new super hero brought in to transform, reinvent, mould, and spin dreams of the future.

But what won't happen is fixing the root cause for hiring that person.

The reason is, people are skeptical. They just want to keep their jobs. Most of them have endured the toxic environment there for years. They all have PTSD or simply distrust the new stuff.

For the techs deep in the trenches, the language they use is different. They don't speak buzzwords, theorys and new ways. They speak technical speak.

Ultimately, new leaders usually mean more pressure to satisfy the customer. More pressure in and of itself just makes people quit, unless there is a logical collaboration of what needs to be done.

Agile was supposed to be about collaboration but easily became the very tool to measure what's not being done according to the planners. And therein lies the issue.

Until the planners, managers and grunts all speak the same language, there's always going to be miscommunication. Miscommunication breeds distrust. All of this while the customer is getting smarter and wants more. Kind of a nice problem to have...

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