re: Where do you keep non-code documentation, such as architecture explanation or research? VIEW POST

re: You mentioned some non-technical documentation is in the repo too -- how have non-devs managed to deal with that? Do your non-technical teams use a...

Since we were a GitHub shop, we just had the greater product team (product management, customer success, etc) set up GH accounts, so that any URL to documentation was accessible. That at least gave everyone read-only access to the docs. We did end up teaching some of these people enough git-fu so that they could contribute, as part of their professional development, and that was well-received. But I did feel this setup was more dev-centric than I would have liked, and it ended up duplicating some information that was contained elsewhere, like in the employee handbook. But I have a violent allergy to both SharePoint and Confluence so this worked well enough for us.

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