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Originally I was trying to extend a copy of Super Star Trek written in GW-BASIC on my father's 8088 clone when I was 13yo. I changed it so it would pass a red line over a rectangle in the display and reveal the contents of the adjacent quadrants as it passed over. It was slow, but I didn't know what a compiler was, and building an .exe was a complete mystery to me. Unlike GNU and many Linux distributions of even the past 15 years, Microsoft did not distribute any build tools whatsoever with its OS. I blame them for atrophying creative computing for everyone, and snuffing mine out for ten full years. If only there were an Internet then, or I stumbled across a copy of DJGPP.

I did a degree in Studio Art, and muddled around with a few jobs retouching photographs and some design, until I bought a Pentium Desktop and wiped WinXP off its disks and installed Linux.

I did persistent world programming for Neverwinter Nights multiplayer in NWScript and perl for a couple years before I got my first System Administrator role. I've been working as an Operator for about ten years before merging into the Devops workspace. Today I get top salary in my field, working a 9-5 Platform Engineer role, and am currently building my own Game Engine from scratch in C.

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