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Discussion on: Illustrated Notes on Fixing Git Mistakes

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Newer git versions introduced the commands restore and switch.

Restore (from 2.25.0)

Restore specified paths in the working tree with some contents from a restore source. If a path is tracked but does not exist in the restore source, it will be removed to match the source.

The command can also be used to restore the content in the index with --staged, or restore both the working tree and the index with --staged --worktree.

By default, if --staged is given, the contents are restored from HEAD, otherwise from the index. Use --source to restore from a different commit.

Switch (from 2.27.0)

Switch to a specified branch. The working tree and the index are updated to match the branch. All new commits will be added to the tip of this branch.

Optionally a new branch could be created with either -c, -C, automatically from a remote branch of same name (see --guess), or detach the working tree from any branch with --detach, along with switching.

Switching branches does not require a clean index and working tree (i.e. no differences compared to HEAD). The operation is aborted however if the operation leads to loss of local changes, unless told otherwise with --discard-changes or --merge.