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Thank you, I am too. I find that Dev is different in that, it is not saturated with nonsense articles that have a title promising to reveal the secrets of life, a first paragraph that leads up to said secret, then a paywall you need pony up to in order to get the secret. Nor do they encourage similar behavior even from their bigger contributors (at least that I've seen).

I'm not sure if Dev has plans to partner with contributors for paid content someday and honestly, I don't know how this wonderful community could be maintained if they did, no matter how great the intentions. But for now, the people are here to learn and teach, not get paid. That makes a huge difference for sure!

As for my novel, I've written it fully about 10 times over the last 12 years and have the entire series mapped out. I've got the first 5 parts (of about 150) of book 1 up on Wattpad, but lost motivation with that as well. For me, that is just a labor of love as well. The world is based on a place I've played in with my imagination since I was 5 or 6 years old 😁😁

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