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Discussion on: The Trials and Tribulations of actix-web and the OSS community

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First off, I'm not a Rust dev. However, I work every day in the Python ecosystem which has an equally passionate community that, I believe, Rust will one day grow to equal in size.

That being said, I believe that seeing this as an issue that can only be properly talked about with members of the ecosystem is folly. All language/framework/ecosystem communities suffer from the same problem in OSS: forgetting that the software is volunteer-produced and FREE TO USE!!!

In what other part of life do we get something literally handed to us totally free, and have any leg whatsoever to stand on to demand anything from the person who is giving it away? Most open sourcers are not paid for their time at all. Many of them work secular jobs, have families, friends, and lives that are much more demanding and important than the whims of those reaping the fruits of their labor totally without compensation.

If you don't like an OSS package, don't use it. Respect the maintainer as a human who is, quite literally, taking time away from their personal life to give away a piece of software that might otherwise not exist. We should be floored with respect that somebody cares enough about people and their community to take time away from their busy life to solve a problem they know people struggle with and have no solution to.

If you are a Patreon supporter of a dev who does something you don't like, that's fine. If you have a constructive way to voice your concern, please do it. That's the beauty of OSS! But how spoiled are we that we get to have somebody else solve our problems at their own expense, then turn around and say "yeah, but did you do it the way I like? Cuz I only like stuff done this way..."

Here's an alternative: if this Rust web framework that you're using for free is SO bad, then go find a similar toolchain in Rust that you can purchase a license for, then pay the extra monthly fee for their extended support plan. Don't want to do that? Then respect the developers time, expense, blood, sweat and tears and wait. Or find another project. You're a developer too and know how many keyboard warriors come out if the woodwork to say "ur code sux. You should stick the cleaning dishes at Denny's cuz ur a total noob!" the moment you write something that gains a little popularity. don't be part of the trolling and super unhelpful and destructive problem that can make all of us want to change careers at some point and time.