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Discussion on: How Does Getting an AWS Certification Change Your Career?

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My work with AWS didn't start until I began my job at a startup that wanted to move from a legacy PHP app to serverless via API Gateway and Lambda. I was brought on as "the back end guy" who knew systems architecture and some light DevOps. Fast-forward 6 months and I'm "the guy" for managing and deploying our API via the serverless framework, writing Lambda functions that replace the MVC model on our PHP app, and seem to have to pick up a new AWS technology "on-the-fly" every week.

That being said, if you aren't basically given the keys and told to "go nuts" like I was (our company is 17 people, I'm Engineer #2 if you don't count the CTO and all of engineering is 5) knowing what to learn next or focus on can be a real challenge. Especially is you're learning it mostly for that lateral move.

I guess my point is, certs provide a great way to add structure and, most importantly, a goal to your learning. But I would say they usually hold little value if you don't intend to immediately use what you've learned.

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