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Very encouraging piece of reading! 👌

Of course future programmer, everyone's beginning sucks! No one's first draft is a masterpiece.
So don't give up too soon! It is always difficult before it's easy.

All those Ninjas developers you look up to where once just as confused as you are right now (and they still are from time to time). But they honored the struggle and as they kept learning and writing tons of code, eventually things started making more and more sense.

This journey is about persistence, patience, and consistency. It'll take time, discipline and a lot of perseverance, but you've gotta keep learning, fixing those silly bugs and keep moving forward, one line of code at a time.

The reward will be worth the struggle. 💪🚀


As someone that does this for a living for 15 years now, I can only say things don't seem to start making more sense and that after the initial struggling more struggling will follow regardless of discipline & perseverance.

But! If you love what you do, then you eventually realize that that was the real reward all along. 😊


But at least now, you have become more skilled at dealing with those struggles heh? 😉

Yeah, that could be a plus. :-)

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