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Discussion on: Any suggestions for the project idea?

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Since this will be NodeJS and react I feel like there are a FEW decent options (some of which I hope will also get you to learn other languages at the same time, Jack of all trades are more important than James of Node, Kevin of Python, or Jeramy of C in the software world).

  • A basic code editor or IDE

    • Goals:
    • Input and output files
    • Write & Save files
    • Extras:
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Markdown Translations
    • Terminal emulation built in
  • Markdown reader

    • Goals:
    • Translate Markdown
    • Write Markdown
    • Extras:
    • Instant changes for edits
    • Syntax highlighting
  • Chat application app

    • Goals:
    • Chat between two different hosts (local or not)
    • Extras:
    • Styles
    • Permanent text
  • Basic game

    • Goals:
    • Movement
    • Objectives
    • Extras:
    • Fancy graphics
    • Animated sprites

Four random, larger-scale ideas to play around with!!

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Nicole Yang Author

Thanks. I don't know Markdown well, to be honest. It's time for me to learn it!