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Kai's Top 10 Linux CLI Tools

Welcome to a rather short article that I want to express for the sake of expression. My top 10 favorite Linux commands. Will not be ordered.

1 - Htop
A wonderful tool to see how things are doing.

2 - Neofetch
Useful for light amount of system information.

3 - Pfetch
Small neofetch. Useful for even more basic stuff.

4 - Pkill
Kill tasks, I use this the most.

5 - DD
Image flashing CLI tool that is super easy.

6 - Pacapt
Pacman repos on Debian and Ubuntu.

7 - GCC / G++
C/C++ compilers (plus more)

8 - DKMS
Especially useful to work with Wifi drivers (maybe others)

9 - sh
Bash scripting. Other script commands might be different.

10 - GenISOImage
Often useful for live system imaging.

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