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Discussion on: How to get the common values of an indefinite number of arrays in Javascript

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Kai • Edited

Here's a much easier way:

const arrays = [
  ["ivr", "web", "wap", "add", "acd"],
  ["web", "add"],
  ["ivr", "wap", "add", "web"],
  ["ivr", "web", "add"],

const result = arrays.reduce((carry, array) =>
  carry.filter((element) => array.includes(element))

console.log(result); // ["web", "add"]
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This way, it doesn't matter how many arrays you have and what their possible values are. Also, please note, that your code is partly incorrect. You are missing " for your strings.

Besides, you can find more tips like this here:

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Marco Pestrin Author

Amazing! Thank you so much for your tips.. Right, your solution might be better. Now I corrected my code with " for my strings