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Discussion on: I want to learn a new programming language. What should I learn?

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As a Node dev myself, my choice would be Rust, but in your shoes I'd stick with Node with Typescript a little while longer. I'm already familiar with C#, C/C++, Go, and Python, though. Rust tries to be a safe C, where C is the king of speed and flexibility at the expense of safety. Basically, C# = Java but with Microsoft backing. I like .NET Core and think it would be a good framework choice to learn with. However, if I were in your shoes (coming from the FE), I'd stick with Node for a while longer and start using Typescript. Get used to classes with public, private, protected, abstract, etc. permission properties. Use buffers, streams, cryptography, process, asserts, and fs which will help you get more familiar with back end function, organization, and optimization. Node and Typescript offers a lot of capability and flexibility where you can still build cool things without getting bogged down by new syntax, idiosyncrasies, and strict typing. Node is highly supported and you can find libraries and docs for nearly everything. You can use Johnny-Five for IOT and robotics, plus I think most popular ML libraries are available for Node. Once you feel comfortable with all that, I'd introduce a whole new language.

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Muhammad Wasif Author

Thank you. That was helpful

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For ai developer
Python with machine learning && deep learning
Tensor flow
Apache spark
Neural network

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For front end
JavaScript es6 es7 es8
Angular js
Back end
Php oop
Mvc framework
Sql for data base with xampp server
Express.js framework of node. Js
Nosql with mongo db

Php is for business apps and WordPress developer

Node.js is for mean && mern developer
If you want be full stack web developer then you needed follow these skills

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Michael J. Ryan

You can go well beyond mean and mern with node. I use it for most of my scripting needs as it's easier to deal cross platform much if the time. There's also iot and ai (Tensorflow) options.

I think Python is probably a better long term option if going iot or ai though as there's more support there.