Discussion on: Developing JS/TS with VIM

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Kevin Alemán Author

Yup, I agree with the RAM comparison, maybe I can get one to add to this article.

What I could say is, even when you don't have a RAM problem, it's worth the time to learn Vim. Having knowledge about it will be really helpful when doing operations over ssh, even when that's not mentioned in the article because it was more focused on being able to develop things :D

Not all the time buying RAM is an option. And, even when you buy another 16Gb of RAM, you may have the same problem in the future.

You don't need to master Vim for years to start using it :D

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Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

+1 for this. It's less relevant if you're always doing straight coding, but I do a fair amount of (fairly hacky) ops work, and I'd be dramatically slower if I had to use something like Nano to do editing over ssh.

But all that said, if it's not your thing, there's nothing wrong with that! I think the variety in tools is really wonderful, because it means everyone has a good chance of finding something that really works for them.