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Discussion on: What is Agile software development? Explain to me like I’m five

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Kevin Alemán

An example of what agile is:
You want a house. You plan to build a house. You start to divide the tasks among team members.
Then, they agree on a PoC: a ground floor with some roof over it. Also a drawing of where your door will be
Then, they start building out the walls and windows until they realize there's no pipe system... So that's marked as a tech debt and they agree on giving you a portable bathroom while they fix that.
Then, there are rooms without electricity, so during the planning they agree on drop a wall so you can have light there.
But now the problem is that that wall was a dependency for other walls, so the panic starts.

And since this is a house, there's no such thing like git so you're basically screwed...

(I like agile, but I always have fun writing about the bad takes)

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