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Discussion on: Audit my site for accessibility

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Kamil Bugno • Edited

Hi :) it seems that there are only small issues with accessibility on your page:
1) Add aria-label for these options:

<button type="button" class="button button--small button--toggle js-toggle"><span>🌗</span><span>🌓</span></button>

2) Add aria-label describing that it is a tag, ex. 'javascript tag':

<a class="button button--small button--inverse" href="/tags/javascript/">javascript</a>

3) Add aria-label 'Read full testimonial from {NAME}' about the source of testimonials:

<a class="button button--small padding" href="/testimonials/rebecca-jacobs/">Read full testimonial ⇢</a>

4) It can be H1:

<h2 class="fz-step-5 no-margin-top margin-bottom">From the Portfolio</h2>

5) It can be H2 (

<div class="fz-step-1 copy"><p>Marketing Manager at CodeScan</p>

6) Add info about the article that is related to it, ex. aria-label="Read more about {TITLE}":

<a class="button df padding" href="/articles/first-year-of-ui-dev-newsletter/">Read more ⇢</a>

7) Too small contrast ( for top links:

<a href="/resources/"><span>Resources</span></a>

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Silvestar Bistrović Author

Wow, thank you.