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Discussion on: Hosting a Node.js application on Windows with IIS as reverse proxy

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Hello, I am new to IIS and I have a little problem. I don't know if I'm missing something.

Here is my problem :
I want to redirect traffic from outside ( to this app.
So I created a site, with the following link:
type : https
name of host:
port : 9998
IP address : *

And in reverse proxy I have this adress : localhost:3000
But it doesn't seem to be working, thank you in advance for your help.

There is already an asp site running on :

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Peter Eysermans Author

Can you elaborate on what error message you are receiving? Is the node.js application accessible on the server when you go to localhost:3000? I would first troubleshoot the IIS configuration and the node.js website separately to ensure that they work. After verifying you can try to configure the reverse proxy and check if it works.