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I deactivated my FB account about a year ago. Go on Twitter from time to time. I find it hard to connect people over electronic media; I prefer doing it offline because I can feel the emotions, or see reactions. But that's me.

Social media can be very useful from time to time, but like with many things we just need to learn to moderate. On the other had engineers need to do anything to keep us engaged, so that might be a constant battle that often we can only lose :)


I find it hard to deactivate FB for the sole reason that it's the only platform I have for event invitations from my family's birthdays and what not. It's becoming less and less so. So maybe I should just cut the cord really.
Baby Steps! I envy you!


Go on and pull the plunge! I did it a year ago and after a while, you realize you didn't need it. It brings your friends and family closer 'cause you'll be in contact through messaging.

Yea this is my experience as well (that you become closer through messaging interactions instead of broadcasting on FB walls).
I should!

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